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Carousel Digital’s latest application to appear in the App Store is The Impact Assessment App. The aim of the App is to encourage and enable disconnected people to directly influence how health and social care policy is determined. There is also an Android verison available.

App Store description:
A simple tool for organisations to better understand how they are helping people at grassroots level. The Impact Assessment App is used by frontline workers to collect data about how they are helping people and connect that data to stories told by the people being helped. This can take the form of text, video, photo or audio clip. The mobile app is used to capture the data and stories. In the accompanying web app, organisations can view aggregated data, charts and visualisations to gain insight into how their staff are helping people, what the big issues are and view recorded media. By aggregating the data, organisations can discover the unintended consequences of their work, and use this information to influence decision makers and those commissioning services.